About the Artist

Rick Byrd

“inspired by many, influenced by few”

Born and raised in Suffolk, Virginia, somewhere around the creation of time, Rick moved to New York City via North Carolina only to return recently to his peanut-bound roots of Suffolk and reclaim it as home.


For more than 25 years, Rick was a Manhattanite and observed every day the graffiti, street art, and the individual self-expression of many which were so prominently visual.

Intrigued by Japanese Rebel Rouser Yayoi Kusama and European Street Graffiti Artist

Bansky, Rick began telling “eclectic stories” through the use of his photography, mixed media, abandoned street stickers and assorted finds of the city streets embodying a unique style. As his elementary teachers always noted, “Rick is easily distracted, but most creative…” 


Rick is always exploring new mediums including (but not limited to) torn

paper art, encaustic wax art, and building creative bird bungalows.

Rick is especially known for his work with acrylics, and his unique photography style.

Rick is pleased to have had his works shown in West Palm Beach, Florida; Havana,

Cuba; Miami Beach, Florida; New York City, New York; Rhinebeck, New York; Long

Island City, New York; Roosevelt Island, New York; Dubai and Mykonos.